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Stargate Atlantis Fan Fiction Listing

Fortunate Journey Series

Exploring the idea of how established canon would play out with the addition of an original character, sparking new relationships and new ways of dealing with the challenges faced in the city of the Ancients.

An AU story that sticks closely to established events, covering seasons one through four.  Centred around Sheppard and my OC, Sabina Scott but features all main characters.

This is definitely a 'chickfic'! I'm sure someone has referred to their fic like that before but if not I claim the term 'chickfic' as my own!


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Sheplantis Series

Ever wondered what might have been possible if Sheppard's special connection to the city of Atlantis had been really special?  This series explores that idea, delving into John's ATA gene connection to the city.

Four separate non episode based stories that follow on from each other.  The first three are set in Season 3, and the last is set in early Season 5.

Adventure/Friendship/Team fic.

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Uncovering Lorne Series

All the things you ever wanted to know about Major Evan Lorne's background and time on Atlantis are covered in a series of stories, starting with his training to become a fighter pilot. 

Ten stories that follow on from each other - now COMPLETE!



Lorne/Keller Stories


A series of stories all featuring the pairing of Major Lorne and Doctor Jennifer Keller

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Lorne/Cadman Stories

A series of stories all featuring the pairing of Major Lorne and Lieutenant Laura Cadman

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One off Stories

Stand alone stories set season 3 onwards.

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Episode Tags

Season Four and Five tags or missing scenes/rewrites for whatever episodes inspired me!Page Link